Are You Ready to Work With Your Interior Designer?

If you are about to work with an interior designer for the first time, make sure you know what you want.

First off, your interior designer is on your side so fear not! It may sound a bit strange, but some people can be intimidated by what the designer is going to recommend for your space. Thousands of people invest in a designer because they are confident that the designer is adequately qualified and know what they are doing.

You may be a large corporation or a student living in a tiny apartment, it is possible to mix the latest design trends with your own personal style. Second, understand your needs and know what you want.

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Or maybe a bathroom – they are both extremely important areas in the home and both have a high usage rate, and are both potentially quite expensive.. so it is important to know exactly what your requirements are.

Assuming that you had a budget prior to enlisting the services of an interior designer, you need to be ready now to stick to that budget! An interior designer is not necessarily going to spend all your money, but they will have new and innovative ideas, technologies and options for your space that maybe you didn’t previously think about, and therefore didn’t budget for.

It is important to always allow a bit of a buffer within the budget for any really amazing ideas presented by the interior designer that you can’t resist, or, of course for any problems that may arise. The next step is to research your designer. New York City has an abundance of interior designers and so the choice can be quite tough. Obviously go for someone who has insurance and relevant qualifications, then take the time to review their previous work. Remember that the space you are going to remodel is important to you and will cost hard earned cash, so put in the time to investigate the designer properly.

Interior designers will have a portfolio consisting of photographs and client satisfaction reports that will help you to ascertain whether or not this designer is the one for you. Another piece of advice, ask the designer if it is possible to view some of their previous projects onsite. This will allow you to get a feeling for the space the designer has created and help you to also confirm your ideas about your own space.

Once you have decided that the style of the interior designer is what you like, take a little extra time to make sure that you are on the same page verbally. Ok, so perhaps you’re not going to be best buddies (although it may help you to get along a little) but it is also important that you are both able to communicate well with one another.

It is really important with this kind of professional relationship to be able to convey to your interior designer exactly what you want and at the same time to be able and willing to let them guide some of the decision making.

So you have made your choice! You are happy, the designer is happy, now let’s keep it that way. Qualified and professional interior designers in New York City are organized. But it is good for you to also be organized, so come to your first meeting with a good plan.

Timeframes are really important as this may affect your budget. Ensure that you have realistic timeframes on paper, taking into consideration things like importing that granite bench from Italy, or your hand made toilet from Greece – these things take time to arrive, and when they do they are worth it… but you don’t want to be stressed waiting if you haven’t allowed appropriate timeframes.

Also ensure you have confirmed your budget, with buffering, and be completely honest with your designer that this is the absolute and final figure. Other good tips for relationship building with your interior designer is to have some really clear ideas about textures, lighting, technologies, any structural changes you have thought about. Bring magazines, take photographs of previously visited homes or design centres, you could also put together your own book of paint, tile, carpet or fabric samples. All these things will assist your designer to get a really good feel of your tastes, likes and dislikes when it comes to your living or working spaces.

Finally, remember to have a little fun as well. Remodeling and designing, while it can be stressful, is also really exciting and can be really fun. So trust your own tastes and trust in your interior designer choice, keep communication open and honest and enjoy the process.


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